Vine House Studios | A Christmas Wedding at The Manor Country House Hotel

A Christmas Wedding at The Manor Country House Hotel

January 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It's always lovely to shoot a Christmas wedding. It's even better when it's at one of our favourite venues, The Manor Country House Hotel. And even better still when its a fun couple like Jo & Jamie getting married. 

We started the day with Becky going to The Manor Country House Hotel to see the girls, whilst I went to see the boys in a local pub. This is such an exciting part of the day as it gets closer to the time to leave for the church.

Mulled wine was on offer in the car park of Saint Gilles Church in Bletchingdon. It was very welcomed by the guests as they caught up with each other and laughed and joked before going in for the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony we got back to venue quickly so we could get some group photos there before it got too dark. 

The wedding reception at The Manor was a blast. A highlight for me was a rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas, turned into a drinking game, it was so funny. We got some great pictures throughout the afternoon and evening as guests enjoyed themselves and danced the night away.   

Thank you Jamie and Jo for having us as your wedding photographers, we loved being a part of it.  

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