Vine House Studios | Laura and Jason’s Festival Wedding in Oxfordshire

Laura and Jason’s Festival Wedding in Oxfordshire

June 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Being festival lovers, we were thrilled to be asked to photograph Laura and Jason’s festival style wedding. Bride Laura is also an artist, a photographer and a morris dancer and both her and Jason's personalities shone through on their wedding day. They really had thought of so many quirky touches that we just couldn’t put our cameras down! With morris dancing, live music, a homemade marquee and a pork pie wedding cake, this wedding had a genuine festival vibe to it. Here are some of the photos that sum up why we loved shooting this exceptional, festival-esque wedding.

Walker Boffin Uncut-9Walker Boffin Uncut-9 Walker Boffin Uncut-34Walker Boffin Uncut-34
Walker Boffin Uncut-18Walker Boffin Uncut-18 Walker Boffin Uncut-19Walker Boffin Uncut-19 Walker Boffin Uncut-650Walker Boffin Uncut-650

Walker Boffin Uncut-52Walker Boffin Uncut-52

Walker Boffin Uncut-65Walker Boffin Uncut-65 Walker Boffin Uncut-107Walker Boffin Uncut-107
Walker Boffin Uncut-95Walker Boffin Uncut-95 Walker Boffin Uncut-117Walker Boffin Uncut-117
Walker Boffin Uncut-110Walker Boffin Uncut-110 Walker Boffin Uncut-109Walker Boffin Uncut-109

Walker Boffin Uncut-224Walker Boffin Uncut-224

Walker Boffin Uncut-166Walker Boffin Uncut-166 Walker Boffin Uncut-218Walker Boffin Uncut-218


Walker Boffin Uncut-276Walker Boffin Uncut-276 Walker Boffin Uncut-349Walker Boffin Uncut-349
Walker Boffin Uncut-389Walker Boffin Uncut-389 Walker Boffin Uncut-406Walker Boffin Uncut-406 Walker Boffin Uncut-580Walker Boffin Uncut-580
Walker Boffin Uncut-461Walker Boffin Uncut-461 Walker Boffin Uncut-471Walker Boffin Uncut-471

Walker Boffin Uncut-496Walker Boffin Uncut-496

Walker Boffin Uncut-505Walker Boffin Uncut-505

Walker Boffin Uncut-504Walker Boffin Uncut-504 Walker Boffin Uncut-524Walker Boffin Uncut-524 Walker Boffin Uncut-495Walker Boffin Uncut-495
Walker Boffin Uncut-552Walker Boffin Uncut-552 Walker Boffin Uncut-571Walker Boffin Uncut-571
Walker Boffin Uncut-584Walker Boffin Uncut-584 Walker Boffin Uncut-591Walker Boffin Uncut-591

Walker Boffin Uncut-1090Walker Boffin Uncut-1090

Walker Boffin Uncut-704Walker Boffin Uncut-704 Walker Boffin Uncut-801Walker Boffin Uncut-801
Walker Boffin Uncut-812Walker Boffin Uncut-812 Walker Boffin Uncut-637Walker Boffin Uncut-637
Walker Boffin Uncut-759Walker Boffin Uncut-759 Walker Boffin Uncut-757Walker Boffin Uncut-757
Walker Boffin Uncut-652Walker Boffin Uncut-652 Walker Boffin Uncut-706Walker Boffin Uncut-706 Walker Boffin Uncut-656Walker Boffin Uncut-656

Walker Boffin Uncut-870Walker Boffin Uncut-870

Walker Boffin Uncut-839Walker Boffin Uncut-839 Walker Boffin Uncut-820Walker Boffin Uncut-820 Walker Boffin Uncut-809Walker Boffin Uncut-809
Walker Boffin Uncut-27Walker Boffin Uncut-27 Walker Boffin Uncut-1106Walker Boffin Uncut-1106

Walker Boffin Uncut-1058Walker Boffin Uncut-1058 Walker Boffin Uncut-1081Walker Boffin Uncut-1081

Walker Boffin Uncut-1140Walker Boffin Uncut-1140
































































With thanks to...
































St Mary's Church
































Adderbury Morris Dancers
































The Meanies


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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