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12 reasons why you should consider a winter wedding!

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  1. Winter makes your money go further in wedding land!

Many suppliers offer price reductions during the winter months which means that you can afford to treat yourself to something a little bit special. So maybe you can afford that castle wedding you always dreamed of.


  1. Get your pick of the top suppliers!

As well as grabbing some cheeky off peak bargains, if you get married in winter then you will find that most suppliers have increased availability. No need to book 5 years in advance or fight off a harem of other brides just to get that amazing venue or your favourite stylist!

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  1. You become the highlight of the season

The summer is packed with weddings and even the most romantic of your guests can begin to grow weary of the joyous, jubilant and never ending celebrations of love! In the winter you tend to have wedding exclusivity and your big day turns into one of those coveted rare occasions that everyone looks forward to.


  1. Tis the season of Romance

Nothing is more romantic than snuggling up next a loved one in front of a log fire with a mulled cider or hot chocolate and a woolly blanket. However this can look a bit weird in June!

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  1. It’s the best time to honeymoon

Speak to any travel expert and they will all tell you that winter is the best time to visit many of those far flung, exotic honeymoon destinations such as the Maldives, Mauritius or the Caribbean. Avoid monsoons, hurricanes and school holidays for a sunny, peaceful break that won’t cost you the earth. You also get to be the smug git who swans off to sunny climes in the middle of our chilly British winter.


  1. Speaking of weather

Let’s face it, the weather here in England is reliably unpredictable and can often be wet and chilly, even in high summer. Instead of spending weeks checking forecasts and panicking that your sunny summer wedding is going to be rained off, book for a winter do and save yourself the anxiety attacks. If you do happen to get a sunny winters day then bonus but if not, you’ve got the cosy indoor winter theme down to a tee anyway. It’s a win-win, stress free situation.

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  1. Beautiful Winter Light

During the winter the sun sits lower in the sky during the day, casting a beautiful and romantic warm glow. This gives wedding photographers like us more of those gorgeous golden hours that we crave to get those dreamy, romantic shots.


  1. Winter fashion

Fur, fur, fur!! There are certain looks that you just can’t get away with on a hot summers day. Use the seasonal fashion trends to get away with long sleeves or fur stoles and stock up on cool accessories like wellies, umbrella’s and gloves.

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  1. Save time and effort on decorating your venue

Book anywhere from late November to early January and you will find that most venues will have already begun to embrace the festive spirit, with sparkles and fairy lights galore. These touches can look adorable in your wedding photographs and can also mean that you don’t have to worry so much about dressing up your venue as they’ll have already done a lot of the work for you.


  1. Avoid slutty skirts

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you get married, there’s always at least one guest who will insist on dressing completely inappropriately (You know who you are). Avoid distasteful flashes of cleavage or gusset by booking a winter wedding and encouraging any style challenged guests to class up for the big event. 

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  1. Happy groomsmen

The summer months can be painfully hot for the groomsmen kitted up in their full wedding attire. Heavy suits, ties and waistcoats are no fun in the summer and if they are good groomsmen then they’ll need to be doing a lot of running around on the big day. So if you want your men suited and booted then picking a cooler climate will make for a happy, comfortable team of groomsmen.


  1. Enjoy being different

Even with so many different styles and trends out there it’s still tough to try and organise something completely unique in the world of weddings. Opting for a winter wedding can really help you stand out from the crowd. If you embrace the season and make the most of all the above tips then it certainly won’t be one that your guests forget in a hurry.





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