Engagement Portraits

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Most photographers these days offer an engagement portrait session, or pre wedding photo shoot, usually as part of a wedding package.

These photo sessions are invaluable both for you, as a couple, and for the photographer (this is why they are usually included in your package for free). It's a great way for the photographer and couple to get to know each other. Lets face it, you don't really want a complete stranger turning up on the morning of your wedding, do you? 

After having an engagement photo session, you'll have built up a bit of rapport with each other. Your photographer will have a better understanding of what sort of photos you like, and what you don't like. And you'll soon see what a doddle it is getting your photo taken, yes you might be nervous for the first five minutes, but after that you'll get into it and enjoy it. Then on the day of your wedding you'll be so much more comfortable getting your pictures taken. And of course you'll get a great selection of photos that you can use on your wedding day, maybe for a signing board, or on a save the date card. 

At Vine House Studios, we're taking the free engagement portrait session one step further. We're offering a free engagement portrait session even before you book us. This is a great way of trying us out before you book us before your most special of days. In the unlikely event that you don't want to book us after your portrait session, you can just walk away with no obligations, and no hard feelings.

Here's a selection of photos from some of our recent engagement photo sessions.


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