DO NOT commit these atrocious crimes with your camera!

February 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Spring is looming and with all the pretty blooms and wildlife coming out of hibernation, the photographer in all of us is coming out. We’ve  put together 5 of our favourite tips to help you take better pictures and avoid some common pitfalls. Whether you are on a phone camera, tablet or DSLR. 

  1. DON'T MOVE TOO SOON – It’s hard to stay still when your grabbing a quick fun shot and trying to capture the moment but moving the camera too soon can result in blur. Blur is bad. Try counting to 3 when you take your shot to maximise your sharpness!
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     2. AVOID THE MIDDLE LINE – Placing a horizon in the middle of the shot can create a dull, boring composition. Try placing your horizon high or low in the shot to get something a little bit more interesting.

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     3. DON’T FORGET TO LOOK AT WHAT'S IN YOUR BACKGROUND – A cluttered, busy background can be distracting to look at, remember to look at what’s behind your subject and if it is taking away from your focus point then move around to get a different backdrop or get in closer to blur the background with a shallower depth of field.

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      4. DON'T BE A LAZY PHOTOGRAPHER – If your subject looks boring from your angle then that’s probably because it is. Move yourself or your camera to get a more interesting viewpoint. 

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      5. FILL THE FRAME – If you have a lovely subject, don't be afraid to get in close up to it. Full frame crops have impact! 

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