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When we were contacted by Maddie Lulu, an online and local business based in Witney, Oxfordshire, we were thrilled. We were asked to do some product photography for Helen and she came along to our Cotswolds photography studio with various pieces of home gifts to showcase. Maddie Lulu is part of the ever growing online sellers, which is continuously growing faster and faster every year and we are delighted to be involved in the commercial photography side and help online businesses like Maddie Lulu to become stronger and get their businesses up to date.

Ivor was in charge of this shoot and set up the studio by having the backlights on in order to make a clean background and by also flooding the area with high key lighting, with some help from Becky and I. Helen wanted to have some banner photos, so Ivor had to take them from a birds eye perspective and the rest, Helen wanted as a square format so Ivor had to get down on the floor and shoot from a very low perspective using a shallow depth of field so that the background was blurry and the products were in focus.

What was great is that Helen brought in a lot of props so that we could use them as a background instead of just having a plain white background. We wanted to liven things up a bit and add some colour and the props helped us achieve that. We managed to take about 90 clear and crisp images which we then edited and cropped on the computer. The whole shoot didn’t take a lot of time but it was shooting each product individually that took a bit of time. After the shoot was completed, we had time to look through all the images and see what the overall outcome was which was,all the images were brilliant and to the standard and quality that we wanted.

Luc Ord


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