Band Photography – Zurich

July 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I love photographing musicians because they tend to have strong characters and lots of quirky idiosyncrasies. The guys from Zurich are not only very talented performers OOZING cool but they were also brilliant fun to work with!

Working in monochrome means that extra attention needs to be paid to light and composition. Working with an overcast and flat evening light we found backgrounds that would create contrast and depth.

In Oxford city centre we were always gonna be spoiled for choice with cool locations…

A bit of dead space never does any harm and with bands it’s always useful to allow room in the shots for text overs on flyers and cover shots. Playing with alternate light sources can also add interest like the street lamps above or off camera flash below

Photographing in Oxford is always exciting and I could have stayed there all night shooting. Thanks to Zurich for making this a fun job, for helping me carry my ridiculously heavy camera gear and for looking so goddam cool.



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